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Hello and welcome to my site. Ive played and performed pretty much every genre but techno. I mainly compose classical though I sometimes compose other depending on the mood i'm in when i'm composing.  I compose for pretty much any kind of ensemble except choir. Feel free to contact me and request a specific arrangement of instruments. Also feel free to check out my youtube page.

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New Piece, and free music.

Article 16.11.2013

I have uploaded a new piece, Our Last Dawn. It is a ocarina and violin duet, but a flute will work for the ocarina. it is very mellow, short, and repetitive, but has a soothing sound to it. I have changed all the fees to 0 for my music, and ...

1 Week My Music For Free

Article 25.10.2013

  Hello everyone I was wanting to let everyone know that all music I have composed will be free this week until Nov. 1st. Feel free to download and look at it or even perform if you so wish. I don't offer licenses on my music because I will not ...

Hello everyone!

Article 21.04.2013

I have enjoyed seeing some of various people's works, and am impressed with quite a few of them. Lately I have been inspired to write more so I will be uploading within the next month or so a full band piece, 1 quartet, and 3 duets. The full band piece ...